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Stenmar Group has the expertise and facilities to provide quality hydraulic solutions across many sectors. Our expert team and tailored hydraulic services attract industry-leading clients – and ensure they stay with us for years.

One of these is David Bochkareff, Engineering Manager with Ace Gutters. David’s relationship with Stenmar goes back over ten years to when he first contacted Marty Gates for assistance with a project. Recognising the value in our team’s response to his situation, David has continued to utilise the exceptional service and comprehensive knowledge offered by Stenmar Group.

“Both Marty and the team have always been really thorough and extremely forthcoming with ideas and best options on how to do things. They always have a solution to our problems,” says David.

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About Ace Gutters

Ace Gutters is a leading manufacturer of rainwater products, roofing and plumbing supplies that has been supplying the Australian market for over 60 years. Fully Australian owned, it has manufacturing plants in Sydney, Melbourne and Nowra.

Ace Gutters manufactures complete systems of guttering, roofing and drainage from its plants – each fitted out with multiple hydraulic systems that require expert hydraulic service and repairs, spare parts from a range of brands, and projects.

“We use Stenmar for ongoing work,” says David. “We buy spare parts from them, use them for regular hydraulic maintenance, and most notably, they’ve also done hydraulic design for us to improve our machinery.”

Customised hydraulic optimisation

Stenmar’s work for Ace Gutters includes the repair and service of hydraulic cylinders, motors and pumps. We’ve also optimised several of Ace Gutters’ hydraulic systems – with positive results for company performance.

“They have come out to identify hydraulic circuits that need optimising to improve our processes,” explains David. “They also did a larger project for us when we purchased hydraulic machinery from a company that had gone into liquidation. We had tried for three months to get the equipment running effectively but it just wasn’t suited to our applications.”

Stenmar came in, assessed it and redesigned the complete hydraulic circuit. Not only did they get it up, but they also improved on the manufacturer’s design circuit to make it work really efficiently.”

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Full-suite service

Stenmar is committed to high quality comprehensive hydraulic servicing and tailored customer solutions, something our clients appreciate.

As David says, “The team always goes above and beyond to make sure any breakdowns are fixed in the quickest time and the service technicians are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. They never leave us caught out.

I suppose Stenmar’s willingness to always find solutions to our problems is what I find them really good at. They understand what we are trying to achieve, and they always come up with a good solution that improves our hydraulic performance.”

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Quality for every client

Stenmar has provided expert hydraulic servicing, repairs and projects for over fifteen years.

Our team has the technical expertise to ensure your equipment runs cost-effectively and efficiently, to minimise downtime and improve long-term plant performance.

Contact us if you have a new hydraulic project or if you’re in need of high-quality, comprehensive and customised hydraulic solutions.

Hydraulic Supplies

Our Sydney warehouse stocks a huge range of hydraulic supplies from brands including Hydac, Danfoss and Eaton Vickers, plus rare spares. Our engineers advise customers on best option hydraulic pumps, cylinders, motors, transmission and other parts.

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