Alexander Kofman


Alexander Kofman joined Stenmar Group in 2020, and he brings a lifetime of engineering expertise.

“I’ve been a machinist for 38 years. I worked on engineering projects for the Navy and for cruise ships for a lot of that time, which included hydraulics.”

Now with Stenmar Group, Alexander works in our workshop, manufacturing parts with precision detail, to exceptional quality.

Alexander has spent almost half of his life in Australia, but he first learned his trade in his hometown of Kiev (now the Ukraine capital). “I finished school in 1980 and started my apprenticeship two weeks later, so I’ve been machining for a very long time.”

Alexander is a dedicated fisherman and he has frequently travelled to spots around Sydney and Canberra for his hobby.

He says family is always number one, but working well and helping others is also essential. “I enjoy helping the fitters and teaching them new skills.”

One thing Alexander appreciates at Stenmar Group is the expert team. “It’s a good team in a good company and we support each other. I’m very proud to come to work. We’re using various skills and knowledge to get the job done in the best way possible.”

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