Andrew Buckley (Buck)

Stenmar Group is very proud of our in-house hydraulic engineers, technicians and tradesmen, many with decades of experience. Andrew Buckley – “Everyone knows me as Buck” – is just one example.

“I’ve been in the hydraulics industry for 30 years and I actually retired two years ago,” he explains. “I’ve known Mark and Sue for the best part of 20 years. They asked if I would do some stocktaking for them, and here I am, twelve months later.”

Buck currently helps across the business wherever we need a hand. “I do a lot of stock work, plus deliveries and pickups, anything I can help with,” he says.

“I began working on hydraulic equipment but didn’t have a huge knowledge of hydraulics back then.”

Buck is a fitter and turner by trade, and he initially worked as a maintenance fitter.

 “I wanted to learn more, so I moved to a company that specialised in hydraulics, intending to stay for a few years. I enjoyed it so much that I stayed much longer.”

Prior to Stenmar, Buck was with the same company for 28 years. “I did everything there from building power units to hydraulic servicing to liaising with customers on spare parts. That’s where I met Mark,” he adds.

Buck was an avid surfer when he was young, and while he no longer surfs, he has plenty of other activities to keep him busy in semi-retirement, including golf and travel. “This is the first year since 1990 that we haven’t travelled out of Australia,” he says.

Buck continues to work with Stenmar because he still loves working with hydraulics. “I love the work and there are always new products to learn about.

Stenmar is a good company. It’s a good family unit and they are great people to work with. They make you feel part of the family, and that makes the team want to give their best.”

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