Marty Gates


Marty Gates is an engineer with Stenmar Group, and he has a clear focus about his role. “I see myself as a customer liaison,” he says. “It’s about taking our capability and matching it with customer problems. We make sure that whatever the issue is, we will sort it out.”

Marty has 30 years’ experience in fluid power, so he has the technical expertise to design and deliver optimal hydraulic solutions to any problem.

“I’ve been with Stenmar Group now for about 11 years. Before that I was with a pneumatic automation company, and as it was a small company, I wore many hats – including sales, engineering, marketing and customer relations.”

Having worked across both hydraulics and pneumatics, Marty has a firm preference.

“I enjoy that hydraulics is much more specialised, and that we provide service to customers who really need that expertise.”

Marty is well suited to engineering. “I have a curious mind and I love to see how things are made. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing things most efficiently. I feel strongly about finding faster, more effective and more reliable solutions. We help people sort things out, and we get things done.”

Marty may not have achieved his childhood ambition to become a rock star, but he still enjoys music – “I play to amuse myself,” he laughs – and he loves kayaking, camping and time with the family.

Connections are important at work, too. “We have a really capable bunch of people here with can-do attitudes. We all have our skills, and we’re very reactive to people’s problems. The whole team works together to get the best possible outcome for every customer.”

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