Hydraulic Press Overhaul

Stenmar Hydraulic Press Overhaul after

Location: Auburn, NSW/Stenmar workshop

Budget: approx: $200k

Scope: Overhaul and modernise hydraulic press system

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Services provided:

  • 3 x supply new pneumatic cylinders
  • 9 x hydraulic cylinders—overhauled and tested
  • 2 x double vane pumps—overhauled and tested
  • 4 x directional valves—overhauled and tested
  • Valve manifolds—ground and re-sealed
  • 13 x directional valves—replaced
  • 3 x pressure control valves—replaced
  • 2 x pressure control valves—overhauled and tested
  • 6 x pressure switches resealed
  • 2 x electric motors—reconditioned
  • 8 x guide rails and bearing bushes—reconditioned
  • New and re-sealed pipework, tubework and hoses
  • All filtration replaced
  • Reservoir—emptied, cleaned, re-worked, re-sealed.
Stenmar Hydraulic Press Overhaul after
Stenmar Hydraulic Press Overhaul after
Various hydraulic components of press overhaul
Stenmar Hydraulic Press Cylinder Overhaul
Stenmar Hydraulic Press Overhaul
Hydraulic press cylinder overhaul
Stenmar Hydraulic Press Overhaul before
Stenmar Hydraulic Press Overhaul after
Press hydraulic power unit_after
Press hydraulic power unit_before
Press hydraulic power unit_after

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