Shop Door System

Location: Rouse Hill, NSW

Budget: approx: $200k

Scope: Design, supply and install hydraulic system for tilting shopping centre doors


When Bovis Lend Lease wanted an open food court precinct within their award-winning Rouse Hill Town Centre project, a feature of the design was that each shop-front would be a tilting wood-paneled wall. The huge heavy walls are tilted up when the shops are open and can be securely closed outside of trading hours.
To enable this, Stenmar Group installed two large hydraulic cylinders on each shop and a hydraulic power unit & custom control circuit in a nearby plant room.

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Services provided:

  • Design system to suit specification
  • 6 x hydraulic power units—supplied and installed
  • 6 x hydraulic control circuits—supplied and installed
  • 1 x auxiliary system—supplied and installed
  • 8 x 4” bore hydraulic cylinders—supplied and installed
  • 2 x 5” bore hydraulic cylinders—supplied and installed
  • Hoses and tubework—supplied and installed
  • 6 x electrical control panels—supplied and installed
  • 10 x additional remote electrical controls—supplied and installed
  • Onsite assembly and hydraulic fitting
  • Service and spare parts regime.
Shopfront doors open:
Hydraulic lift shop front doors
Shopfronts with doors open:
hydraulic cylinders lift the shopfront doors
View down from above:
shop doors open from above
Hydraulic power units in plantroom:
hydraulic power units in the plant room
Hydraulic cylinders operate doors:
hydraulic cylinders lift the shopfront doors
Shopfront doors closed & open:
the entire front of each shop is a door

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